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Remembering Our Friend Bruce McLeod

Why Won’t You Tell Me What To Do, Bruce?

Have you recently realized that there needs to be more in life than what you are currently experiencing? We talk about what being a coach means, how people are shifting to find more purpose and how digital connections are driving these interactions.

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Effectively Leading Positive Impacts on Psychological Safety in the Workplace

A special podcast mini-series hosted and produced by The Boiling Point in partnership with UNB College of Extended Learning and Workplace Safety and Prevention Services.

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Fan Favourites

Some of our most popular podcasts from over the years

Chris Hadfield Explains Devoting Yourself to a Successful Life

Commander Hadfield expresses the lessons he has learned from floating around our little blue dot that we call home.

How do You Connect With Your Audience so They Care? Seth Godin Knows!

Seth Godin talks his teaching career and gives marketing advice for the digital age.

Seth Godin says “Perfectionists Are Cowards”… Here’s Why

Seth Godin talks about the placebo effect, how it affects people, and why trying to be a perfectionist is incredibly flawed.

The Key to Effective Business Negotiations with Corey Kupfer

Corey Kupfer is an expert business consultant with over 30 years of negotiating experience. In his book, Corey draws on his years of experience on how to strike a deal that works for both parties.

The Importance of Business Mentorship with Janna Hare

Janna introduces us to the Mentra concept and tells us the importance of mentorship. Dave notes that a majority of major business leaders needed their own mentors to get to where they are today.

Triple Bottom Line Banking with Richard Vaillancourt

We hear about Richard Vaillancourt’s decision to merge his banking background with a triple bottom line approach through Omista Credit Union.

Meet Our Hosts

The Boiling Point podcast is more than just a platform for conversations about business, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Emily Rodger and Dave Veale create a welcoming and conversational atmosphere that allows guests to share their stories in a unique and engaging way. Through their combined experience and genuine curiosity, they bring a valuable perspective to each episode that can inspire listeners to take action and make a positive impact in their own lives and communities. 

Emily Rodger (Host)

Emily Rodger (Host)

Certified Executive Coach - Public Speaker - Former Elite Cyclist - Avid Outdoors Woman

Emily is a former elite athlete turned certified executive coach, public speaker, passionate fly fisher, podcast host, and founder of a program for youth designed to help them build confidence and leadership skills.

When she’s not working with coaching clients, Emily hosts The Boiling Point podcast with her co-host Dave Veale, shares her story as a public speaker, writes articles, hones her fly fishing skills, and hosts fishing trips to lodges from New Brunswick to Belize.

Emily has (and continues to) accomplish so much, yet she is consistently down-to-earth and relatable. Her journey of resilience and triumph over adversity is a powerful source of inspiration, showcasing what it truly means to persevere and succeed despite the odds.

Dave Veale (Co-host)

Dave Veale (Co-host)

Passionate Leadership Coach

Dave Veale is Founder & CEO of Vision Coaching Inc., Atlantic Canada’s leading leadership coaching firm, established in Saint John in 2005.

A Certified Executive Coach and highly experienced facilitator, Dave leads a roster of internationally accredited leadership coaches with a wide variety of professional backgrounds, including as CEOs, deputy ministers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, physicians and HR leaders.

Unleashing courage in leaders is the cornerstone of his work as an executive coach, facilitator, speaker, columnist, and co-host of The Boiling Point, a podcast for leaders and entrepreneurs.

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