How Do You Connect With Your Audience So They Care? Seth Godin Knows!

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In This Episode

  • Greg and Dave celebrate the beginning of season 3!
  • Greg shares how Seth Godin is a hero of Dave and Greg’s.
  • Seth explains his heart for teaching someone new things and making significant changes.
  • Seth also explains why Psychographics are important for marketing in a modern social media culture.
  • Dave describes the concept of listening to understand versus listening to respond.
  • Seth describes how to shortest route always looks like the longest one and why taking shortcuts is never the path to success.
  • Using a ‘Grateful Dead’ analogy, the three explain the benefit of focusing on impressing your smaller audience that is really passionate about what you do instead of aiming to please a wider range of people.
Seth Godin

Seth Godin

Author, Founder of Seth Godin Productions

  • Seth Godin is an entrepreneur and founder of many companies.
  • He has written 18 best-selling books on business and marketing.
  • He also writes a daily blog with more than a million readers.
  • Make sure to check out his new book “This Is Marketing”
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