Why Won’t You Tell Me What To Do, Bruce?
Bruce McLeod Talks About Holding A Person Wholly Capable

In This Episode

Have you recently realized that there needs to be more in life than what you are currently experiencing? The last two years has been a shift in work-life balance. Whether it’s working from home, seeing an increase in stress or dealing with loss in challenging circumstances, it has people looking to find a bigger purpose. In this conversation, we welcome Bruce McLeod, a returning guest, a long-time colleague of Dave Veale’s and the Executive Coach to our guest co-host Emily Rodger. It is a group of coaches talking about what they’ve seen happen in their industry in the last two years, but it’s also a group of people having an enlightening discussion about what being a coach brings to their lives, how people are shifting to find more purpose and how digital connections are driving all of these interactions. 

Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes
Emily Rodger joins us for her 2nd guest-hosting conversation to welcome a returning guest Bruce McLeod. Bruce has worked with Dave for over ten years and has worked with Emily along her executive coaching journey. The group discusses how Emily’s interest in coaching grew and her connection with Bruce.

10 – 20 Minutes
The group talks about how coaching has shifted during the pandemic and the growth that has happened in the industry. Bruce has seen a shift where people question, What’s My Purpose in Life? The group discusses how they have seen people perspectives change throughout the pandemic. Bruce talks about reclaiming control over his own life and making the most of the days that he does have.

20 – 30 Minutes
The group talks about finding a work-life balance. Dave mentions the pilot project with the New Brunswick Medical Society to offer coaching to the medical community, which was oversold in a single day. The themes coming out are work-life balanced focused. The group discusses how the coaching approach helps people unpack the issues they are facing in a manner focused on partnership.

30 – 40 Minutes
The group talks about the benefit of the indirect coach approach. They focus on how coachee can achieve their own goals with support throughout the process without being told what to do. They also talk about the connections that are possible through digital platforms.

40 – 50 Minutes
The group finishes off by talking about how coaches should have coaches themselves and the reward from being a coach.

Listen To Bruce’s Previous Podcast Appearances

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Bruce McLeod

Bruce McLeod

Founder and President, Live Big Coaching

A multi-certified executive coach, Bruce is passionate about seeing people and organizations reach places they never before thought possible!

He knows firsthand what can be accomplished when skill and ability are fused with purpose and passion.

He has personally experienced it! Bruce has had the privilege of working with many who have seen dreams become reality, both for them and their teams.

He helps others create a framework for thinking more innovatively, creating synergy, and adding value.

He has led operations, strategic planning and human resources functions in regional, national and multinational corporations, and has contributed to the kinds of business transformations that garner national notice.

Bruce earned his Certified Executive Coach designation at Royal Roads University and holds Professional Certified Coach credentials through the International Coach Federation. He is also on faculty of the graduate executive coaching program at Royal Roads.

He served for several years as the Global Vice-President, Human Resources for a multi-national Canadian based company. He ultimately left this role to pursue his dream of “all things coaching”. His own executive career path has allowed him to make people-focused operational impacts within a wide range of industry sectors.

His coaching philosophy is rooted in his belief that you are 100% capable and possess within you all the wisdom and creativity you require. His role as a coach is to help you step into your full potential. By serving as a “thinking partner”, you will explore new possibilities and make commitments that you want to hold yourself accountable for.

He works with executives, emerging leaders, and entrepreneurs who are ready to take themselves, or their organization, to the next level of performance. He will help you develop your leadership style, team, purpose, strategies and personal vision into remarkable results you may not even think are possible today.

Are you ready to live BIG?

Bruce has his Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential, a prestigious designation for a proven coach with at least 750 hours of client coaching experience.