Triple Bottom Line Banking with Richard Vaillancourt

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In This Episode

  • We learn what led Richard from a life of working with the traditional banks to a life with credit unions.
  • Richard tells us it what it means to invest in your community and the themes that guide his credit union.
  • We learn what Omista learned by doing the B Corp assessment and how it steered them toward further changes.
  • Richard tells us about the efforts he and his employees have made in their community.
  • We ask why more people haven’t made the switch to a credit union.
  • Dave would like to see more financial institutions run by those in human resource backgrounds.
  • Greg considers switching to Omista because of the B Corp “fraternity”.
Richard Vaillancourt

Richard Vaillancourt

  • Richard Vaillancourt is the CEO of Omista Credit Union in New Brunswick, which manages assets of over $300 million.
  • Omista’s proved they are committed to community when they became a B Corp.
  • Omista offers the same services offered by traditional banks except their’s is built on a cooperative spirit.

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