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Some of our most popular podcasts from over the years

The Importance of Business Mentorship with Janna Hare

Janna introduces us to the Mentra concept and tells us the importance of mentorship. Dave notes that a majority of major business leaders needed their own mentors to get to where they are today.

How do You Connect With Your Audience so They Care? Seth Godin Knows!

Seth Godin talks his teaching career and gives marketing advice for the digital age.

The Key to Effective Business Negotiations with Corey Kupfer

Corey Kupfer is an expert business consultant with over 30 years of negotiating experience. In his book, Corey draws on his years of experience on how to strike a deal that works for both parties.

Seth Godin says “Perfectionists Are Cowards”… Here’s Why

Seth Godin talks about the placebo effect, how it affects people, and why trying to be a perfectionist is incredibly flawed.

Chris Hadfield Explains Devoting Yourself to a Successful Life

Commander Hadfield expresses the lessons he has learned from floating around our little blue dot that we call home.

Triple Bottom Line Banking with Richard Vaillancourt

We hear about Richard Vaillancourt’s decision to merge his banking background with a triple bottom line approach through Omista Credit Union.

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Greg Hemmings

Greg Hemmings

Hemmings House Pictures

Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, Content Marketer and Storyteller

Dave Veale

Dave Veale

Vision Coaching Inc.

Passionate Executive Coach

Hosted By Greg & Dave, these thought-provoking interviews with entrepreneurs, thought leaders and movement makers revolve around the experineces and the moments that shaped their careers.





Your Business Can Win By Being Human

Mark Schaefer helped us see the benefits of putting down the technology and finding the value of listening to clients to build strong human connections.



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