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Episode 84 – Kevan Gilbert

Episode 84 – Kevan Gilbert

Empathy for the Digital Age Introducing Kevan Gilbert Kevan Gilbert is a man who believes that collaboration is the best way to complete any task. This award winning digital story teller and strategist realized very early in his work in agencies that teamwork and...
Episode 84 – Kevan Gilbert

Episode 83 – Andrew Park

True Masculinity through Responsibility Introducing Andrew Park and Urbane & Gallant Andrew Park is a man who likes to ponder the true meaning of masculinity. If you look at most representations of masculinity in pop culture three themes seem to arise: beer, sex,...
Episode 84 – Kevan Gilbert

Episode 82 – Aaron Vidas

Maximize with your Most Profitable Customers Introducing Aaron Vidas and Strategy Box Aaron Vidas is an advisor who works with tech companies, professional service firms, social enterprises, and B2B companies. In his former career as a marketing manager and sales...
Episode 84 – Kevan Gilbert

Episode 81 – Andy MacCallum

Keep your Investment in your Community Introducing Andy MacCallum Investors are always out looking for the ability to make more money from their current money. However, more often than not the money is being invested into multi-national companies or in faraway places....
Episode 84 – Kevan Gilbert

Episode 80 – Dan Martell

Sharing your Most Powerful Tools… your Stories Introducing Dan Martell The ability to connect with others by expressing your experiences and lessons learned are often the most powerful gift you can give to someone else. Learning from others experiences can rocket you...