True Masculinity through Responsibility


Introducing Andrew Park and Urbane & Gallant

Andrew Park is a man who likes to ponder the true meaning of masculinity. If you look at most representations of masculinity in pop culture three themes seem to arise: beer, sex, and sports. There is more to a man isn’t there? Andrew definitely believes so. He sees the defining characteristic of masculinity being responsibility. Andrew expands on this theory with his B Corp menswear company Urbane & Gallant, which not only makes clothes to make you feel like a man but also inspire you to be a better person. Check out this week’s Boiling Point to see how your next suit could help tackle the issue of human trafficking.


In this episode

  • Andrew tells us how soul searching the essence of masculinity while attending USC helped him develop an idea for Urbane & Gallant.
  • Andrew goes on to tell us why he believes responsibility is main component of manhood.
  • He explains that when you have a great brand your customer’s “sticker-shock” seems to fade.
  • He tells why every item designed for Urbane & Gallant is named after an inspiring man.
  • We hear how women are finding the responsible man sexy.
  • Andrew tells us that to have a great company you need to be excellent in three areas.
  • Dave loves Andrews’s passion and mission and is drawn to the company as something to support.
  • Greg suggests you check out the documentary, “Slaves of Dubai” on VICE.



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