Empathy for the Digital Age


Introducing Kevan Gilbert

Kevan Gilbert is a man who believes that collaboration is the best way to complete any task. This award winning digital story teller and strategist realized very early in his work in agencies that teamwork and listening accomplishes a lot more than driving a singular framework down a team’s throat. After many attempts at mastering persuasion, Kevan realized that he needed to stop trying to persuade and start listening. This is a message he expands on in his future book, “Empathy for the Digital Age”. Check out this week’s Boiling Point to see how a collaborative approach to your next task may have your team working better and faster.


In this episode

  • Kevan expands on his bio including being an award-winning poet at the age of eight years old.
  • We learn why he decided to start listening and stop persuading.
  • Kevan lets us know the power of empathy in completing any important task.
  • Greg tells us why he believes he is more of a story “amplifier” than a story “teller”.
  • We learn the importance of not working from a perspective of fear and anger and instead stating clearly what your needs are.
  • Kevan tells us an experience he had with a client that changed his perspective after allowing himself to be vulnerable.
  • Dave remembers a time when he was told he had to be tough to get into business; a sentiment he doesn’t feel is true.
  • Greg reminds us that if our customers are going to spend a lot of money with us they really want to know whom they are getting into business with.



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