Keep your Investment in your Community


Introducing Andy MacCallum

Investors are always out looking for the ability to make more money from their current money. However, more often than not the money is being invested into multi-national companies or in faraway places. What if you could make money AND impact locally? You might be able to do just that.

Andy MacCallum is the vice president of development for Natural Forces Wind Inc., a company that develops, constructs, and operates wind farms in the Maritimes and BC. Through the use of a community economic development investment fund (CEDIF) called Wind4All, his company allows for investment to in local wind farms. The program allows for a 14% return on investment through dividends and tax credits while aiding the government to reach better renewable energy rates. This means you don’t only help out your own pocket book, but also the environment. Natural Forces Wind Inc. sets up the investment so that it is minimal risk, as the majority of money is not spent until the project has been “de-risked”.

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In this episode

  • Andy tells us about Natural Forces Wind and the projects it has already taken on.
  • We learn the difference between community scale vs. industrial wind farm investments.
  • Andy tells us about the exponential growth in Canada’s wind farm market.
  • Andy also explains CEDIFs and how they work.
  • He tells us about how Wind4All is different than other CEDIFs.
  • He also tells Nova Scotians about an upcoming opportunity to invest.
  • Greg is inspired by how investors can make money and impact locally.
  • Dave sees a wild west of investment opportunities at home.



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