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Episode 74 – Shawn Smith

Episode 74 – Shawn Smith

Understanding DisAbilities Introducing Shawn Smith Shawn Smith grew up believing he was a dumb kid. Though he tried in school, he didn’t receive the marks he had hoped for. He failed grade eight and made 32 attempts to complete his 18 credits for high school. It...
Episode 74 – Shawn Smith

Episode 65 – Wayne Jagoe

Facilitating Forward From Failure Introducing Wayne Jagoe Wayne Jagoe is an ideas man.  In fact, in every email his signature signs off with yours in ideation.  Unique ideas are a facet of every entrepreneur’s life and business, but so is self-awareness. Wayne has...
Episode 74 – Shawn Smith

Episode 56 – Justin Perkins

Founding Story of a Change Maker Introducing Justin Perkins The universe works in amazing ways.  By being observant and using your intuition the path of your life can become an amazing and impactful adventure.  One person that has followed such a path is Justin...