Facilitating Forward From Failure


Introducing Wayne Jagoe

Wayne Jagoe is an ideas man.  In fact, in every email his signature signs off with yours in ideation.  Unique ideas are a facet of every entrepreneur’s life and business, but so is self-awareness.

Wayne has experienced a lot in his entrepreneurial life.  He grew up with the restaurant industry, had a cooking show on CBC, had the first online dining guide in 1997, and started an ad agency using business databases.  However, when his ad agency failed, he was heartbroken.  After much self-reflection, Wayne discovered that he was a much better at being creative and coming up with ideas than executing on them.  This awareness of what he was good at and what he wasn’t was just what Wayne needed to shed the shackles of embarrassment from failure to come out the other side.  Through his tough times, Wayne has been able to emerge stronger and now is the owner of Belton Labs where he develops ideas that he can sell to businesses for them to implement and he also conducts sessions and workshops on creative thinking and problem solving.

Check out this week’s episode of Boiling Point to learn how to emerge from troubling times, or to consider new strategies for solving some of your business’s current problems.


In this episode

  • Wayne gives us a brief history of his background.
  • He tells us about how his business failing really did a number on him.
  • Wayne tells us how he found his way out of his slump to come out even better.
  • Greg mentions how celebrating failure and learning from it isn’t that easy for entrepreneurs to swallow.
  • Wayne tells us about a process for brainstorming and about LEGO serious play.
  • We hear about Wayne’s “Unlocking the Genius Within” sessions and workshops.
  • Dave notes that a great idea is wonderful, but no so much when it cannot be implemented.
  • Greg notes that his creative juices seem to be at their peak when he is using his “kid brain” and lets himself play.
  • We hear about how jam sessions at Hemmings House have helped to release tension and let solutions percolate.
  • Dave mentions the same effect when he comes back from playing hockey.
  • Dave is inspired by Wayne’s ability to captivate a group of people while in conversation.
  • Greg points out that we need to remember what Bob Marley said, “Every little thing is going to be alright.”



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