The Good News

Introducing Maren Keeley and Conscious Company Media

Have you ever ended an experience of watching or reading the news only to feel more depressed than informed? There is no shortage of content out there (especially on the internet) that would leave a person feeling pretty down on the world. We don’t want to reject reality, but we all know there are also a lot of great stories out there going underreported. This week’s Boiling Point guest felt the same way about businesses doing positive things in the world and did something about it.

Maren Keeley is the co-founder of Conscious Company Media, a content provider, which shares inspiring stories about business as a force for good. Maren knew that businesses that consciously account for all stakeholders are great vehicles to drive positive change.   She also knew that these types of positive businesses didn’t have enough of a voice. So, not only does Conscious Company publishes a gorgeous magazine, but now are providing content across multiple platforms, offering webinars, publishing research papers, and are hosting an in-person conference later this year.

Check out the good news on this episode of Boiling Point.


In this episode

  • Stephen Kopp is back co-hosting with Greg.
  • We are introduced to Maren and Conscious Company.
  • Maren lets us in on the motivation to start a magazine.
  • Greg tells us about his appetite for great smelling magazines.
  • We hear about how a combination of great content and appealing design draws people to Conscious Company.
  • We discuss how a copy of Conscious Company in your business’s waiting room tells something about your company.
  • There is a discussion of how people are seeking more positive news.
  • Maren tells us about the feeling of hope for the future from many business leaders due to the younger generation.
  • Greg tells us about a recent experience of sharing a positive story on Venezuela.
  • Maren tells us not to deny the negative headlines, but to realize that these headlines don’t necessarily inspire change to something better.
  • She also tells us about some of the great people she has been able to interview so far.