Marketing Your Purpose

Introducing Anne Boyle, Polina Pinchevsky, and RoundPeg.

The days of using Don Draper’s marketing style is over. No longer are we to believe that we are truly filling our “inner void” with a product. These days we are looking for more. We want our dollars to go to companies that are making an impact and have a true altruistic purpose. When socially responsible companies need to get their story to their customers, they need look no further than today’s Boiling Point guests.

Anne Boyle and Polina Pinchevsky are the head of RoundPeg; a marketing company with the responsibility of showing consumers how each of their purchases can be an opportunity to help change the world. RoundPeg works with socially conscious companies to tell their story and more importantly convey their purpose.

Check out this episode of the Boiling Point to see how you could use marketing as a force for good.


In this episode

  • Stephen Kopp is back in the booth with Greg.
  • We discuss how important it is for socially conscious companies to get their message (and purpose) out there.
  • Greg tells us how he first met Polina and Anne.
  • We learn how RoundPeg is changing the approach to marketing.
  • There is a discussion about why a company’s purpose is so important in this age.
  • Polina and Anne tell us about marketing responsibility and how the business has changed.
  • We hear about some great companies that are making great strides for good.
  • There is a discussion on how purpose could be the next phase in marketing history.
  • Greg talks about how B-Corps generally stand FOR something as opposed to standing AGAINST something.