Work Together, Act Fast, Stay Positive and Lead With Transparency

David Savoie Opens Up About How He And His Employees At Acadian Construction Are Pushing Through Together During The COVID-19 Crisis 

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There’s no handbook out there of how to get through the COVID-19 crisis as a business leader, but if we all work together and share the lessons we’re learning, we’ll undoubtedly be better off. David Savoie, CEO and President of Acadian Construction, joins Dave and Greg today to share some of the practical steps he and his employees have been taking during this time of crisis. An excellent discussion that doesn’t just focus on maintaining your business, but some tips on how to incorporate work/life balance in your planning and critical reminders about appreciating all the good moments still happening around us. 

We also want to say a huge congrats to David and his team at Acadian Construction for recently being named to Deloitte’s list for 2020 of Canada’s Best Managed Companies.

Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes 
We met David Savoie, the owner and operator of Acadian Construction and learn about his background. The group talks about David’s education with a major of Fine of Arts for his degree and how we often don’t connect creative thinking to particular industries. 

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
Dave and Greg bounce the idea of creative leadership off of David and ask him to share how he’s been working with his employees to keep them grounded during the COVID-19 crisis. David explains some of the techniques they have been using, like creating a war room that only had essential staff and having daily virtual meetings. David started to curate good news stories about COVID-19 and what Acadian Construction is doing to share during the session. He’s made sure to share his gratitude moments for the day and asking on two employees on the call to do the same. David shares the response he’s been receiving from his employees. The group talks about the importance of being open and honest during this time. 

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes 
David shares the schedule that he and his family have been using during this timeframe and explains so lessons that are interesting to see his kids learning. The group talks about the balance between work and family life that this crisis is bringing into focus and how it is making you prioritize and focus on what’s important. David shares how he’s been encouraging his team to reach out to other businesses and people facing similar challenges, so they have sounding boards and places to gather information. Dave asks what advice David would give as advice, and he says, it’s not time to overthink, but to act. 

David Savoie

David Savoie

CEO & President

David Savoie joined Acadian Construction full time in May 2003, a 3rd generation family business in general contracting. Starting out in estimating and project management, David became a partner in 2007. As the company grows, so does his role and responsibilities. David now acts as the director of project managers, is responsible for ensuring that clients expectations are met, and is a member of the management team committee which work on the business strategy and growth goals. David has a Bachelor of Arts from Emerson College in Boston MA and an MBA from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax NS. David is also active in the community. He is Chair of the Capitol Theatre Foundation, has been holding annual charity art auctions for the past 8 years which supports the Georges Dumont Hospital Tree of Hope Campaign, and currently sits on the Systema New Brunswick Orchestra for Change fundraising campaign.

About Acadian Construction

At Acadian Construction we strive to: perform high level quality construction services at a competitive price, and ensure the longevity of our company through long term relationships and customer satisfaction.