The Miramichi Way with Adam Lordon

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  • Greg and Dave talk with Adam Lordon who is both the mayor of Miramichi, New Brunswick and a passionate filmmaker.
  • Adam reveals the touching story of why he moved back home to Miramichi and how he got into politics.
  • He talks to Greg and Dave about the rich history and culture of Miramichi.
Adam Lordon

Adam Lordon

Mayor of Miramichi, Filmmaker

  • Adam Lordon is one of Canada’s youngest mayors to date.
  • Born and raised in Miramichi, Adam spent five years working as a producer for CTV in Ontario.
  • Adam became a council member at Miramichi shortly after returning to visit his ill mother and eventually became acting mayor when the former mayor passed away.
  • Adam was elected full-time mayor in November of 2016.

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