Nicole Leblanc’s Pride in Atlantic Canadian Entrepreneurs

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In This Episode

  • Nicole notes her pride of being from the East Coast. She explains how Atlantic Canadian based entrepreneurs are great at organizing and starting businesses.
  • Nicole calls in to the Boiling Point from Kitchener-Waterloo to talk with our hosts at the Boiling Point.
  • She shares her engagement to get young women involved in the tech and finance industry.
  • Our hosts and Nicole share how incredibly important it is to include all groups to take part in every industry.
Nicole Leblanc

Nicole Leblanc

Director, Investments and Partnership -BDC Capital

  • Nicole is Associate Director of Strategic Investments and Partnerships with BDC Capital.
  • She manages the convertible note program and its investment portfolio.
  • Nicole was Director of Finance for New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF). She played a central role in their investment activities and business development.

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