Marcel LeBrun’s Vision for Social Entrepreneurship

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Last episode was so nice, we got Marcel twice. Marcel LeBrun is back to discuss his feelings on company missions or visions and social entrepreneurship.   The former CEO of Radian 6 has a passion for the topic of poverty, but not just poverty of material things. Marcel tells us how what he is currently working on is recharging his entrepreneurial batteries and makes many great points on how to get your company’s people invested in a vision for the better.

Part One of Marcel on Boiling Point

In This Episode
  • We hear about some of Marcel’s current passions including a camp for children and his 12 Neighbors Campaign.
  • Marcel expands on his notion of how businesses were created to serve others.
  • We hear how the mission or cause a company serves has become almost more important than the money it can make from Marcel’s point-of-view.
  • Marcel points out some attributes of great leaders.
  • He discusses how “doubling sales” is a great goal for a company, but not a mission.
  • Marcel also emphasizes how employees want to join a cause, not just a job and how any good company mission should connect a vision with action and execution.
  • Marcel tells us about the facets of poverty that he didn’t understand until recently and how it has blown his mind.
  • Greg is inspired by Marcel’s passion and the care he has taken with the community and notes how it is the entrepreneur’s responsibility to be careful with our success and strive for a positive impact on the community.
  • Dave notes that we don’t have to wait until we are in a “position to help”. Maybe it is time to act now even in little ways.
  • Greg is reminded of the late Wayne Dwyer saying that you don’t wait for the things you want in life to happen. Start living the life you want to live.
Marcel LeBrun

Marcel LeBrun