Know Your Value and Stick To Your Narrative

Steve Waxman Shares His Lessons Learned From Years In The Music Industry

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What is your value? It’s a simple but complex question all at the same time, especially for those who lean a little more on the creative side like musicians, artists and yes, entrepreneurs. Knowing your value and sticking to your narrative of what is key to you can be all the difference in making your way through the world. If you are an aspiring musician and need a little help and guidance on that path, our guest this week Steve Waxman, can help. 

Steve worked his way up in the music industry from the mailroom to managing promotions for major record labels. He’s been in the room when acts like Billy Idol worked on some of their most well-known hits. Greg and Dave geeked out to some of the acts that Steve mentioned, and Greg dropped the news of his recent sighting of Maestro Fresh Wes right in the City of Saint John. Beyond the music history that Steve brings, he also brings a perspective on making it in the music industry that isn’t always about chasing fame. Instead, he talks about chasing your narrative and sticking to what matters most to you. 

If you love this episode, make sure to check out Steve’s podcast, The Creationists. 

Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes 
We learn about Steve’s start in the music industry in the 80s and his experience of catching the music industry bug early on. He talks about his work with Bill Aucoin and how he moved through the industry, and the lessons he learned. Greg breaks the news that he ran into Maestro Fresh Wes in Saint John, NB and broke the news he’s in the city. ( 

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
Steve walks us through the different roles he had the opportunity to have over his years in the music industry and what he offers now in his services to help support independent artists who may be new to the industry. 

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes
The group talks about the role of focus and what aspiring musicians strive for in their careers. Greg asks about storytelling and how Steve helps people build their stories. The discussion focuses on encouraging people to define their idea of success and then sticking to it. Steve talks about how it’s essential to look at all the partners you have in your career. You should identify their role in your narrative and what your value is in those situations. 

30 Minutes – 40 Minutes 
The group talks about Steve’s podcast, The Creationist, a podcast about people who create. Each episode features an interview with a different creator talking about their process and the road they travelled to achieve their goals. The gang finishes their chat by swinging back to talk about artists and entrepreneurs needing to know and push their value. 

Steve Waxman

Steve Waxman

Entertainment Career Guidance

Steve Waxman has spent his career helping high profile clients* build their narrative, navigate challenges, share their story and make a difference. That career includes working in artist management in New York City (Aucoin Management) as well as at Canadian independent and major record labels (Ready Records, Attic Records and Warner Music Canada). He has worked with a diverse roster of artists, contributing creative marketing, promotion and communication strategies, treating every act as unique and every project as a new opportunity to introduce fresh ideas. These are exciting times when artists can communicate and market directly to fans to help build an enduring career and Steve can be a part of your team.