Kevin Belyea Sets Goals To Achieve His Business Success

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Greg and Dave talk discuss with Kevin the importance of goal setting and sticking to the path to that goal.  Kevin also discusses the difference between running an acquired company versus a start-up.  Dave notices the differences between entrepreneurs.  Some take very calculated risks, others are more action orientated, and some need to plan, plan, plan.  Greg sees the link between entrepreneurs and artists; both like to start with a blank canvas to make a thing of beauty and both seek adventure and encounter risk.

The guys also discuss the importance of listening to your gut feelings and being willing to make mistakes.  Finally, there is a discussion of how Atlantic Canada is a great incubator for entrepreneurial success.   The region supports its’ own and has a history of being hardworking and resilient.  There is sense of community in the Atlantic region unlike what you would find in larger cities.

Kevin Belyea

Kevin Belyea

Kevin Belyea is Boiling Point’s guest zero.  When he was younger, he made a goal to own a business by age 30 and that is exactly what he did.  First, he acquired Spartan Systems, an IT consulting firm specializing in outsourced IT services mainly in southern New Brunswick.  Kevin worked at Spartan Systems prior to the acquisition as a certified management accountant.  This allowed for a near seamless transition from employee to boss.  According to Kevin, the worst thing that was going to happen from taking the leap from employee to entrepreneur was he would, “get some really great experience.”

Next, Kevin saw a demand in the cloud-computing sector.  He wasn’t able to service his clients’ cloud computing needs through Spartan Systems, so he took the leap to start a little more than a year ago.  Paper42 is similar to other cloud services like Drop Box, but because it is based in Canada, more stringent privacy laws protect clients’ files.