How Do We Properly Prepare Children for Their Future? Ed McGinley Teaches Through Technology

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  • Ed, Greg, and Dave joke about their past nicknames.
  • The group talk Ed’s past company, TechImpact, and how it helps build the important educational relationship between technology and education.
  • Ed tells a story of bringing ‘Scratch’ coding into a classroom and how it benefited both the kids and the mentors by tricking them into having fun learning.
  • Greg discusses going to Dubai and how there are teachers there going above and beyond their qualifications to teach kids the skills they will need in the unpredictable future. They also discuss the great teachers doing so in New Brunswick.
  • Ed uses his life experience to discuss being successful and building important connections even if your life and career path doesn’t go in the direction you were expecting.
  • Dave shares his experience with moving provinces and with refugees that sparks a conversation about the importance of making sure everybody feels welcomed in a small community.
  • The three discuss why New Brunswick is looked over and misunderstood.
Ed McGinley

Ed McGinley

Past CEO of TechImpact

  • Ed has nearly 20 years’ experience working with Atlantic Canadian ICT companies.
  • He has a thorough understanding of the business landscape in New Brunswick and believes that technology helps our businesses compete and work with different companies around the world.
  • TechImpact, the company he was the CEO of in the past, had and still has the size and capacity to develop smart solutions for global problems.
  • Ed is working to help the New Brunswick region develop strategies that will be needed for our economy to set an example of  innovation and ‘smart government’.

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