Mastering Emotionally Intelligent Interactions

Susan Steinbrecher Gives Us The Overview of the Tools We All Need to Succeed

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Have you been avoiding a challenging, high stakes conversation? As a leader, are you struggling with how to communicate with your team in a way that prioritizes them, but keeps your customers and business in mind? Our guest Susan Steinbrecher joins Greg and Dave to share her 27 years of experience in training business leaders how to do all of that. 

Susan takes us through her story of writing her first book that focuses on finding the heart in leadership, which not everyone was on board with when it was released. Now she’s publishing her third book Meaningful Alignment: Mastering Emotionally Intelligent Interactions at Work and in Life. She shares her observations on how the workplace has grown over the years and how skills and approach need to change to support our evolving society.

Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes
Greg and Dave kick off the podcast by talking about how they feel about having high stake conversations. We get introduced to our guest Susan Steinbrecher and hear about her 27 years of experience in leadership coaching. Dave and Susan talk about their experiences as coaches and how they help their clients deal with difficult conversations while dealing with the emotional toll it can have.

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
The group talk about the importance of planning and giving yourself time to have key conversations. Susan shares with us some tips about how you can pull away some time back for preparation by taking a stand of what you need in your schedule.

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes
The conversation shifts to discussing Susan’s new book, which follows the daily experience of the main character Carl who is struggling and works with a coach to learn new skills. Greg and Dave share their background and how Susan’s mindset around leading with Heart. Susan shares the motivation behind releasing her new book and program at this moment.


Susan Steinbrecher

Susan Steinbrecher

CEO, Steinbrecher and Associates

Susan Steinbrecher, business consultant, licensed mediator and speaker, is CEO of Steinbrecher And Associates, Inc., a management consulting firm that provides professional-development services in the areas of executive coaching, group facilitation, and leadership training. She is an columnist and has been a featured expert on MSNBC’s Your Business, The New York Times and Susan is also the coauthor of the new book Meaningful Alignment: Mastering Emotionally Intelligent Interactions at Work and in Life, and Heart-Centered Leadership: Lead Well, Live Well and author of the Amazon bestselling book KENSHO: A Modern Awakening.

About Steinbrecher Associates

In 1992, Susan Steinbrecher formed Steinbrecher and Associates, Inc., offering distinctive principle-driven solutions to challenges in the areas of operations, human resources, leadership training and executive coaching. Passionately committed to developing businesses and motivating people, Steinbrecher is an organization that is impeccably responsive to the needs of its clients.

Our mission is to help people be the best they can possibly be both professionally and personally. The success of Steinbrecher’s mission is evident by the roster of new and repeat clients. Our loyal client partnerships can be attributed to our proven ability to increase management and customer-service capabilities, and ultimately, boost profits.

Steinbrecher knows how to get businesses where they want to go and operates with a sense of integrity that consistently makes our clients proud of the journey they took to achieve that success.

About Meaningful Alignment: Mastering Emotionally Intelligent Interactions at Work and in Life

Meaningful Alignment will provide you with well-defined, practical, and effective tools to manage your emotions and deftly facilitate the emotions of others during a tough conversation.