Courtney Blair – Curating the Podcast Community

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  • Courtney Blair talks about being a mompreneur and how being a mom led her to start her business.
  • She talks about her traumatic past and the struggles she’s overcome.
  • Courtney talks about learning neuro linguistic programming and how it helped her understand more about herself.
  • The three talk about the podcast community and why people start podcasts.
  • Courtney talks about a new venture she will be embarking on called Unzipped where she will interviewing her favourite podcasters within her network.
Courtney Blair

Courtney Blair

CEO & Founder of Zippy Content

  • Courtney’s company, Zippy Content, connects entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, and consultants to the best podcasters around the globe.
  • She got started when her dad wanted to be featured on podcasts to talk about his online business in the psychology realm.

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