Lisa Hrabluk Shares How To Build and Speak To Your Community

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As part of our Boiling Point Process live event on December 2018 in Saint John, New Brunswick, we invited four sets of guests to join us on stage for live recordings of The Boiling Point. Today, we share one of those episodes featuring our friend Lisa Hrabluk.

If you don’t know Lisa, you need to check out her work with Wicked Ideas and the Mars Collective. She is working on digging into how to change the landscape of change-makers in New Brunswick. In this episode, Lisa joined us to give her experience around How to Build and Speak to Your Community. This interview is the last step in our Boiling Point Process: 4 Steps to Be Heard In A Noisy Market.

Lisa Hrabluk

Lisa Hrabluk

Lisa Hrabluk tells a persuasive story. An awarding-winning journalist, author and entrepreneur, Lisa is the founder of Wicked Ideas Media, which aims to create safe and welcoming spaces for people of all ages to understand, shape and guide community change. She is the author of the best-selling book New Brunswick Underwater. The book tells the story of the 2018 St. John River flood and places it in the broader context of climate change and the growth of citizen-led movements. Lisa is the recipient of several journalism awards, including a National Newspaper Award, and has written for the Globe and Mail, the National Post, CBC, the New Brunswick Telegraph Journal and Time Magazine. Wicked Ideas was the first B Corp in New Brunswick. In 2015 Lisa was recognized with a B Corp Award for her work in building a network of entrepreneurs dedicated to social, economic and ecological change.

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