Creating a Life Worth Living is a Life Saved

Introducing Neil Burchill and inSIGHT Wellness

We have all heard the phrase, “everything in moderation.” How many of us actually live these words? The people who seem to have the greatest lives are the ones who take care of their body, mind, and spirit, but many of us fall back into unhealthy and stressful lifestyles. Today’s Boiling Point guest believes that once you have a deeper understanding of what you need and strive for that, you will have much greater health and lifestyle outcomes.

Neil Burchill is the co-owner of inSIGHT Wellness in Fredericton, New Brunswick. In his 20-year career as a nutritional consultant, Neil has helped thousands of people dealing with chronic health issues with the goal for them to achieve optimal and sustainable health. Neil’s uses education in the workplace to bridge the gap between nutrition and lifestyle so that people can attain a sense of balance and empowerment to their lives at work and home. This win-win-win approach creates greater health outcomes for employees (both at home and work), it avoids downtime in the work setting, and keep people out of the hospital saving the government money.

Check out this episode of the Boiling Point to learn how to greatly improve your health and life.


In this episode

  • Stephen Kopp is back in the booth with Greg.
  • We are introduced to Neil and his partner Jocelyn.
  • Neil asks us to think what moderation means to you.
  • Greg tells us about how he feels his body is changing and what he has been doing to adapt to the change.
  • We discuss how a change in perspective can drastically alter how you might see any given day.
  • Neil talks about how people often ask others to provide them answers when they should be trying to better understand themselves.
  • We hear how inSIGHT works with employers to have a win-win-win outcome for employees, employers, and the government.
  • There is a discussion about how we spend so much waking time at work, why can we learn to be healthier there.
  • Neil tells us why they got rid of cell phones at his company.
  • Greg tells us how a plan to get at least 8 hours of sleep affected him both positively and negatively.
  • Neil tells us to stop outsourcing our happiness and that everything we need is what we already have.