Resiliency Rewarded


Reintroducing Shawn Smith and Gene Fowler

It has been said that nothing worth doing is easy. Resiliency is an important component of an entrepreneur’s toolkit but it also one of the hardest to maintain. Two former guests that have been able to show resilience in the face of adversity are back with us today to show where their patience and hard work have got them.

Shawn Smith, the founder of Don’t Dis My Ability and Gene Fowler, the founder of Loogaroo Animation and Games struck up quite the friendship not so long ago that ended up helping both of them. For Shawn, Gene’s mentorship and guidance helped him through the start-up of his business. In turn, Shawn set up coaching at Gene’s business.

Both men found difficulties navigating their businesses, but have found greener pastures due to their resilience. Shawn has recently been nominated for the Start-Up Canada Resilient Entrepreneur Award being presented later this month. While Gene has rebuilt his company from bankruptcy to become the Mirimichi Entrepreneur of the Year.

Check out this episode of the Boiling Point to see where resiliency and mentorship could take you or someone else you know.


In this episode

  • We reconnect with Gene and Shawn.
  • We catch Gene as he celebrates his 40th
  • Shawn tells us what Gene’s mentorship meant to him and how finding someone who believes in you is so crucial
  • Shawn tells us of the great advancements his company has made since he was last on the Boiling Point including being nominated for a prestigious award.
  • Greg remembers a time when he was talking with Gene and Gene mentioned that if Greg was in need of assistance to “send out the bat light” and he’d be there.
  • Gene believes in mentoring because he wishes he had the same opportunity when he first started out.
  • Greg notes that it takes time in order to be a mentor but without mentorship many wouldn’t be in the position they are in today.
  • We learn why Shawn ended up thanking those who didn’t believe in him.
  • We congratulate Gene on his entrepreneur of the year award.
  • Gene tells us why he didn’t bail out of bankruptcy and that he was going to pivot and succeed whether others believed in him or not.
  • Gene tells us to stop listening to detractors or focusing in on your competition, but instead to be good at what you do and don’t look up.