Building Community One Hanging Hug at a Time


Introducing Cory Richardson of Hanging Hugs

Cory Richardson is an individual who has spent his life spreading love and community. Whether teaching hula hooping to children, or taking the time to help the people of Uganda, Cory has a knack for teaching and helping. His company, Hanging Hugs, can be seen as an expression of the man himself by providing comfortable and relaxing luxury hammocks where you feel like you have just received a long, warm hug.

Cory is back at his community building again and this time he is looking for Hanging Hugs to help him develop a farm cooperative and hostel where people could come to feel in touch with nature and themselves. By buying a Hanging Hug, you will be provided with a voucher for the ability to stay at the farm so that, “your vacation is in the bag.”

To see how a product and create a feeling, and how it can then create a community, check out this episode of The Boiling Point.


In this episode

  • We learn that Greg’s first film project was done with Cory when they were high school friends.
  • We learn how Cory takes on challenges like kayaking from Canada to Mexico.
  • Cory lets us in on how art therapy has helped him and others.
  • We also hear of projects that have had him teaching hula hooping around the world as well as helping the people of Uganda.
  • Greg tells us from personal experience how terrific a hanging hug hammock is.
  • Cory tells us how he cannot keep his luxury hammocks in stock because he is inundated with orders.
  • We also here of Cory’s new dream of owning a coop farm/hostel and what he needs to do to get this done.
  • Greg loves the product and thinks one day there will be a movie about Cory and his great ideas.
  • Dave loves Cory’s passion and how he can lock into a concept and will it into existence.