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Introducing Stephen Kopp & Monica Adair of Acre Architects

As Stephen Kopp and Monica Adair could tell you, architecture isn’t only about designing buildings or spaces. Just as importantly, architecture is designing lives and purpose. Their company, Acre Architects, works around the world inspiring people to live great stories within and around their work. As they would say, you only live once and therefore you and your surroundings should be developed thoughtfully and with purpose.

Acre Architects broadens the field of architecture and design and was selected as one of this year’s young emerging firms in Canada for Twenty + Change. At the core of Monica and Stephen’s philosophy is an understanding of the unique opportunity that creative collaboration offers for the exploration of new ideas and achievement of new outcomes. Check out this episode of the Boiling Point to consider just how thoughtful design truly affects your life.


In this episode

  • Monica and Stephen try out some of our Boiling Point beer.
  • We find out what attracts such great architects to New Brunswick and Saint John.
  • We discover what the meaning of storied architecture is.
  • Monica and Stephen tell us how they feel that their job is like a cross between a coach and a storyteller.
  • We also learn about how great physical design has changed the lives of their clients.
  • There is a discussion on how memory can influence design.
  • We also discuss how it is still okay to claim partial credit from collaborative success.
  • Monica notes the folly if everyone “aims at the biggest target” at the same time, and perhaps you can shoot your arrow and then paint your target around it.


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