Connecting to Clients with Content

Michael Katz

Introducing Michael Katz and Blue Penguin Development

Not much can be more engaging than a good story. What is even better is when you can connect a great story to a challenge your company solves. Michael Katz does this sort of connection on a daily basis with his company Blue Penguin Development. Michael creates engaging content for companies who are looking to truly connect with their current and potential clients and he is particularly thrilled by bad content that needs fixing. The truth is, in most instances, your company is probably not much different than your competitors, but what can set you a part is how you tell your story.

Check out this week’s episode to see how you can attract the clients you want with content they want to consume.


In this episode

  • Michael tells us how he ended up in a position he never thought he would be as a solo entrepreneur.
  • We hear why GOOD company newsletters are effective at gaining the clients you want by prequalifying them and building a personal connection.
  • Michael tells us how a newsletter can be one part of your company’s social media strategy.
  • We discuss how a newsletter may not be as sexy, but it is an effective relationship-marketing tool.
  • Michael tells us the difference between gaining clients with content vs. cold calling.
  • We discuss some of the reasons why people don’t create content for their clients and how theses obstacles can be overcome.
  • We discuss long form content versus social media.
  • Greg gets suggestions on how he could create a Hemmings House newsletter.
  • Michael tells us how gaining clients from content is similar to picking a family doctor.
  • We also hear why it is important to have content that is consistent with your personality and point of view.
  • We are reminded that most content is not for our peers but our clients and should be written as such.
  • Greg is inspired to kick his company’s newsletter into high gear.
  • Dave is reminded of how his newsletter has assisted his marketing in so many ways.



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