Beginning Your Triple Bottom Line Journey

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Introducing Mike Rowlands and Junxion Strategy

How can your company become a leader in the future of business? How can you take my established company and make it better for the world? The Boiling Point has featured a number of triple bottom line companies in the last number of months leaving a number of our listeners wondering how they can take the first steps toward becoming a company seeking to promote planet, people, and profit. One way is to contact someone like Mike Rowlands from Junxion Strategy. Mike has been assisting mission-driven entrepreneurs and organizations for over a decade by crafting unique strategies.

Check out this week’s episode to see how your new or established company can start making measurable social and environmental impact.


In this episode

  • Kristy O’Leary sets us up with Mike, calling it a bro-mance in the making.
  • We hear about the work that Junxion has been doing for clients for 20 years.
  • Mike discusses the type of people and businesses that approach him to help their sustainability efforts.
  • Mike speaks about combining the drive of business and the community collaboration and empathy of the social sector.
  • He discusses the frustration experienced by heritage businesses in developing a “new type of business”.
  • He also notes that the millennial generation is looking to work in companies that do not force them to separate their world beliefs from their scope of work in the world.
  • We talk about work that is happening with large organizations such as ADIDAS.
  • We also talk about one of the greatest B corp companies, Ben & Jerry’s.
  • Mike notes that large organizations are taking note of triple bottom line because of employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders.
  • He also notes that by not listening to outside stakeholders large organizations are missing a great opportunity.
  • Mike also asks us to think, “What does it mean to live a good life” and, more importantly, “How can I use my business to live the good life?”
  • Greg appreciates knowing that there are so many global “movers and shakers” to bring understanding to the concept of using business for positive change.
  • Dave reflects on the notion of using business to live the great life and it helps him answer the question that can creep into any entrepreneur’s head, “Why am I doing this?”



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