The Era of Creative Leadership


Introducing Nelson Cabral

Businesses that specialize in the creative understand that a creative leadership style can be very advantageous to a company culture. However, this leadership style can often be missing in in traditional industries The old-style, top-down leadership structure of the past just isn’t working anymore for some businesses and the old guard of traditional leaders is looking for an innovative approach to change their company cultures.

Nelson Cabral is one of the people leading the charge to change the way we lead. Nelson spent many years traversing the different creative industries. He was a former creative director at an advertising firm, a film director, and even a musical theatre leading man. Now, Nelson is a public speaker, trainer and seminar leader, and his company Cabral Creative is teaching the skills of creative leadership to numerous companies.

A study from IBM a few years back surveyed CEOs from around the world found that creativity was the number one, most important quality from any leader. Tune into this week’s Boiling Point to find out how you and your organization could improve with creative leadership.


In this episode

  • Nelson suggests a new way for Greg and Dave to greet our guests.
  • We hear how Nelson is a creative leadership triple threat and what his over two-decade experience in the advertising business taught him about creativity.
  • We discuss how EVERYONE can be creative, not just “creative-types”.
  • Nelson explains how many leaders get stuck in their typical way of leading which is predictable and risk-adverse.
  • We distinguish what creative leadership looks like.
  • Nelson brings us through his “Creative Storm” and how it aids in changing company culture.
  • He tells us that leaders need to set the stage for creativity but not necessarily perform on it.
  • We discuss why creative leadership is so important now and some examples of those leading the creative leadership charge.
  • Dave is impressed with Nelson’s energetic approach and how the coaching approach can be very similar to the creative leadership approach.
  • Dave also notes that it may be easier to change your current company culture than to just move on to somewhere else.
  • Greg emphasizes how everyone can be creative, not just “creative-types”.



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