Reengineering your Passion


Introducing Greg Faxon

There are many people out there that need some help reorganizing their lives and businesses. Some people are in an unfulfilling job, and others are in the midst of a startup and need guidance. Even seasoned entrepreneurs need a kick-start from time to time to reengineer their business to work for their needs. A great way to navigate the path of where you are to where you want to be is to invest in a coach.

Greg Faxon is an executive coach who experienced a lot of dissatisfaction at his previous job. It wasn’t that it wasn’t a great job; he was working in market research and consulting around the world. Greg knew that he was a long way from the boardroom and some parts of his job just made him feel brain dead. He decided to make a change for the better by hiring his own personal coach, which eventually led him down the path of opening up his own coaching business. Now, Greg finds himself helping the very same type of people that he was like not too long ago.

Check out this week’s episode of Boiling Point to get the scoop on coaching and lessons on how you can take the next step toward your own personal gratification.


In this episode

  • Greg Hemmings tells us how he met and got to know the other Greg.
  • Greg Faxon tells us his origin story of what made him go into coaching.
  • Greg goes on to tell us how he was inspired while jogging through the zoo and the parallels he saw between himself and the wolves.
  • He tells us how hiring his own coach expedited his personal journey, uncovered hidden fears, and set him on a path toward success.
  • We learn why coaching is a better way to go than just reading a book or taking a seminar in personal development.
  • Greg tells us about his B.R.A.V.E. Business Framework.
  • We learn how our host, Greg’s favorite part of the coaching experience was the accountability it provided.
  • We also learn what this accountability means and that it isn’t just a “homework buddy”.
  • We also hear how Greg got an important message on bravery from Seth Godin.
  • Dave likes Greg’s cerebral approach and his ability to educate quickly so that people can understand what they are consuming.
  • Greg Hemmings appreciates that though accountability was his favorite part of the coach relationship that it must be the type of accountability that eliminates co-dependence.



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