Opportunity in Challenges


Introducing Chris Boudreau

Constraints and challenges in life can be looked at two ways; they can be seen as barriers and limitations or as opportunities and creative inspirations.  One man that takes the latter approach is Chris Boudreau.  Chris is a serial entrepreneur living in New Brunswick and also Dave’s peer coach.  Chris cofounded Leveling the Curve Energy with his partner, Hélène Eusanio.

LTC has a mandate to fill a gap by connecting new technology for renewable and carbon reduction power generation.  According to Chris, one of the main problems with making our power grid more renewable is challenges and constraints like money and available technology.  His company takes on these challenges by developing new technologies that disrupt the status quo and make renewable energy happen in a meaningful way.


In this episode

  • Chris introduces us to his company and what it is trying to do to provide a healthier energy future.
  • Chris tells us how his company plans to use compressed air underwater to power turbines.
  • We also hear about his companies unique plans for tidal power generation that will allow for 24/7 generation.
  • He explains the problems with the current tidal power technology.
  • Chris also tells us about what the company’s plans are to tackle the “peak time” energy generation problem.
  • There is a discussion on the competitive advantage to being based in a non-major center like New Brunswick versus the New Yorks and Torontos of the world.
  • Chris tells us that failure is an option, but fear is not.
  • Dave is inspired by Chris’s entrepreneurial quality of perseverance and patience as well.
  • Greg agrees with Chris that if you are not passionate about what you do, or at least believe in what you do, it’s time to get out.



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