Introducing DJ Waldow

It is coming upon that time of year again where many assess changes that need to be made in their lives.  A course of action is taken where we vow to make these changes and we call them New Year’s resolutions.  Many will choose to lose some weight; others will choose to quit smoking.  Perhaps for your next New Year’s resolution, you might consider a plan to follow your passions.  Our guest this week is just the guy to get the ball rolling for you.

DJ Waldow was formerly an email marketer and a product evangelist for Marketo.  A little over six months ago, DJ came to a crossroads in his life.  He just didn’t have the passion for what he was doing anymore.  This is particularly difficult when one of the most important parts of his job was to show a passion for the company’s products and services.  So in June 2014, DJ quit his job and focused all of his energy into finding work that he was passionate about.  In this process, DJ decided to write a blog post about what he was doing and why, which received a lot of attention and reaction online.  80% of those who got in touch with DJ commended him on his choice and commiserated to him about how much they hated their own job.  Another 20% congratulated him and shared with him how they decided to follow their own passions.

DJ had always had a passion for helping others, and due to the response from his blog post, he decided to pursue a career as a career transition coach.  DJ also wanted to tell the stories of people working their passion and started the Living Your Passion Podcast.  DJ now helps people that were in a very similar position he was in only months ago.


In this episode

DJ tells us how and why he made the leap from a well-paying job and tells us the common threads he sees with people who live their passion.  He explains his coaching process and tells us what he has learned from people who have already found their passion.  Greg is reminded of a documentary he made with Dave on coaching titled, Airplane Journals.  Dave is reminded of the many people that are wasting their time by being in a job they hate or have lost a passion for.  Greg is inspired by DJ’s ability to quickly jump careers and find success.  Both Dave and Greg are thankful to be in positions to be able to follow their own passions.



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