Introducing Lauchlan Ough

Sometimes the most effective form of leadership involves empowering the people who work for you to be leaders themselves.  A lot can be said enabling leaders, as well as getting them to jump right into unfamiliar tasks.  This is exactly the approach Greg Hemmings takes with the people who work for him.  One of the greatest examples of this is Greg’s employee, Lauchlan Ough.  Lauchlan was one of the original employees at Hemmings House, and the youngest at the time.   Lauchlan was around for the humble beginnings, where the production company was working out of the basement of Greg’s home.  Fast forward to 2014; Lauchlan is now an experienced director, cinematographer, photographer, and editor, running shoots with a number of people under him.

Coming out of high school, Lauchlan had a passion for the process of filmmaking.  He knew that he wanted to work with morally good people, he wanted to learn on the job, and he enjoyed the process of filmmaking more so then its end goal.  Upon joining Hemmings House, he could feel that every step the small company made was a step toward building something much larger and greater.  The company and its employees had help along the way, such as executive coaching from Dave Veale, but Lauchlan and the other HHP employees were actively in a constant state of evolution, aiming to achieve the vision Greg and they all set for the company.

One of the mental hurdles that Lauchlan needed to overcome was a belief that he could only achieve to a level his age would allow him.  For a while, he didn’t question the barrier he set up in his own mind that he couldn’t do certain things because of his age.  During a coaching session with Dave, he had an epiphany when considering how far he had already came at his age, and that he was just limiting what he could achieve.  He credits coaching and it’s outsider perspective with its ability to unlock mental blocks and just make everything click.

Lauchlan now uses the approach Greg had with him when working on film sets.  Instead of trying to be on top of everything and micromanaging, he empowers others to do their work.  This allows creativity to flourish amongst the group, and allows him to focus on his process.  He now has an enhanced confidence when working with other filmmakers from bigger centers such as California or Toronto. Lauchlan knows that Hemmings House can create at a high level, and he now learns as much from what others are doing wrong as what they are doing right.

In this episode

Lauchlan speaks to his experience of working in a creative industry with creative people.  We hear about the evolution of Greg, Dave, Lauchlan, and Hemmings House.  Lauchlan also tells us how jumping right into work has helped him evolve.  Greg is inspired by how far Lauchlan has come over the years and his ability to throw himself into uncomfortable places.  Dave is wowed by Lauchlan’s wisdom beyond his years.


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