Introducing Jeff Roach

These days most businesses try to get with the times and engage people through social media with mixed results.  Many take the route of duplicating the ads they use in traditional marketing and posting them to social media.  Jeff Roach would tell these people they are going about social media marketing all wrong.

Jeff is the founder of Sociallogical, a company that works with other businesses to embed social media tools and practices into their operations.  His company helps those having trouble understanding how social media can be an asset to them by initiating a strategy, training their people, and developing and managing content.  Jeff’s main beef with how many companies use social media is that they are using it for advertising and not sharing the stories that the company has to tell.  Jeff tells us that social media is NOT another advertising channel.  In fact, using social media this way many companies turn their customers off.  Consider what a customer might be likely to do if they become annoyed by ads.  They are likely to block the company from their social media feed.  People don’t go to social media to be bombarded with ads; they use social media to connect, interact, and to be engaged.

So what is the correct approach?  You need to make people feel like they are connected to you.  Jeff uses the analogy of a Christmas parties.  Every December countless businesses pull in clients, employees, contractors, associates, etc. to have a few drinks or a meal and to connect on a personal level.  Everyone finds out what each other have been up to and many see others they haven’t seen in quite some time.  Generally, big deals or sales are not struck during the Christmas party, just general conversations.  Using social media marketing should be just like having a Christmas party all-year-long.  You want your clients to know what you have been up to, and what is new, but without the sales.  The sales will come as you engage with your customers, by telling them the great stories of success you have made for others, and by becoming a trust agent.

In this episode

Jeff tells us his story of how he fell in love with online marketing and his experiences with entrepreneurship.  Greg tells us about the three different types of people every business needs.  Jeff gives his impressions of how marketing has changed drastically in even the last 10 years.  Greg concludes that you can never feel like you know everything you need to know about social media and Dave warns us to beware of the coach that doesn’t have a coach.



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