Introducing Ibarionex Perello 

Ibarionex Perello is a man who lives the creative life and knows how to parlay his lifestyle into a career.  He is a photographer, writer, educator, and podcast host.  In his previous life, Ibarionex was an editor for some photography magazines including Outdoor Photographer.  During his long Los Angeles commutes, he got into the habit of listening to books on tape and eventually podcasts.  He found that most of the photography podcasts he was listening to revolved around equipment choices and ways to practice photography, but not so much about the creative process.  So, Ibarionex decided to fill the void leveraging the skills he had as both a photographer and editor.

Ibarionex started The Candid Frame in 2006 as a show with conversations with photographers and has since gone on to produce more than 250 episodes.  He has since been able to make podcasting a main component of his income and was able to retire from his editor’s job.  He did this by producing a show that he would want to listen to personally and now has a devoted audience of listeners from amateurs to pros.  The authority the podcast gave him also offered Ibarionex the opportunity to write books on photography including “Chasing the Light: Improving Your Photography Using Available Light”.

Ibarionex is a proponent of living a creative life and believes everyone should find an opportunity everyday to do something creative.   You might think to yourself that you are not a creative person, but you would be wrong; everyone can be creative.  You don’t have to be a photographer, painter, singer, etc.  It can be as simple as creating a moment, or striking up an interesting conversation with someone.  These creative moments will add more than you think to your lifestyle.


In this episode 

Ibarionex tells us about the importance of living the creative life and gives suggestions to how to start.  He fills us in on what he believes to be the best interview style.  Greg is reminded of uncomfortable interviews he has heard in the past.  Dave is encouraged by Ibarionex’s interview style of conversations, and Dave and Greg decide to go skipping arm-in-arm down the street.


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