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Suzanne Siemens is De-Feminizing Menstruation Care with Her Sustainable Business

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  • [1:38] Greg and Suzanne explain B Corps and how Suzanne’s company, Lunapads, makes a positive social impact.
  • [4:00] We talk about the de-feminization of period care that Suzanne has been evolving with her company.
  • [8:10] Suzanne explains the importance of being true to your companies values and the importance of checking one’s privilege.
  • [17:00] Suzanne explains keeping her personal social and environmental values in owning a business, and rejecting traditional capitalist business practices in being a social entrepreneur.
  • [22:43] Greg explains how he discovered and fell in love with B-Corp by watching a documentary that Suzanne was in.
Suzanne Siemens

Suzanne Siemens

Lunapads Co-Founder

  • A British Columbia Top Ten Honour Roll Chartered Accountant, Suzanne Siemens was was offered a job during her third year at UBC Faculty of Commerce. However, in part because of a lack of female partners role models, Suzanne realized it wasn’t the career path she was destined to have.
  • After she left, she became the Controller of a publicly traded company for 8 years. However, she eventually drove herself to a mental health burnout, and this made her realize that she had to chase a career that aligns with her values.
  • Suzanne eventually met Madeleine (The Co-Founder of Lunapads) when they were assigned on a group project during a leadership program. Feeling attracted to one another via their differences they decided to combine their skills and start growing Lunapads together.
  • Since then, she has transformed her mental health and her lifestyle and is feeling happy in a business of her own focused on her values.

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