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Finding Meaning in Business

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  • In this episode our hosts talk meaningful business with our latest guest Elizabeth Topp.
  • Elizabeth explains to the listeners her company “Meaningful Organizational Design Incorporated” and what her company specializes in.
  • Greg goes over the story of how he met Elizabeth at a B-Corp event.
  • We hear our guest’s philosophy towards business.
  • Elizabeth and our hosts how the younger generations is leading the social responsibility movement.
  • Listen in to hear the whole episode!
Elizabeth Topp

Elizabeth Topp

CEO, Co-Founder

• Elizabeth worked for 25 years as a trainer, executive coach, and business consultant.
• Elizabeth’s academic past includes a Ph.D. and multiple master’s degrees.
• Elizabeth founded “Meaningful Organizational Design” or “MōD”. As a B Corp, MōD helps businesses become positive forces for good.

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