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Heritage Marketing With Andrew Bedford

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  • In this episode we hear Andrew Bedford’s passion towards heritage marketing.
  • Andrew Bedford gives his story on how he became inspired to recreate the Hartt Shoe Company.
  • Our hosts go over with Andrew the iconic history of the Hartt Shoe Company in New Brunswick.
  • Our guest shares when he heard the history of the Hartt Shoe Company he fell in love with the brand. This inspired him to revive it.
  • We hear how Hartt Shoe was a proud partner of the Canadian military during World War Two. The soldiers who fought for Canada wore Hartt boots when they fought for our country.
  • We hear Andrew’s philosophy towards social responsibility and how he brings that into his businesses.
  • Listen in to the episode to hear the full story!
Andrew Bedford

Andrew Bedford

Owner, Hartt Shoes

• Andrew has over 20 years’ experience in the digital marketing field.
• Andrew leads a talented, creative & passionate crew of digital marketing experts.
• He serve as Ginger’s senior consultant for government and enterprise accounts.
• Andrew heard of the rich history of the Hartt Shoe Company and became inspired to recreate the iconic brand. The Hartt Shoe Company dominated the shoe business in New Brunswick for over half a decade.
• Andrew is CEO of The Hartt Shoe Company and supplies brand name business customers such as Frank McKenna.
• It is with pride that Andrew bases his business on socially responsible practices .


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