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No Girl Left Behind: Michelle Delamor’s Entrepreneurial Purpose

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As part of our Boiling Point Process live event in December 2018 in Saint John, New Brunswick, we invited four sets of guests to join us on stage for live recordings of The Boiling Point. Today, we share one of those episodes featuring our friend Allan Gates. 

If you don’t know Allan, you need to check out Huddle and Bonfire for all the fantastic work he is doing. In this episode, Allan joined us to give his experience around Defining Your Avatar, which is the first step in our Boiling Point Process: 4 Steps to Be Heard In A Noisy Market. 

Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes
We kick off this week with Greg and Michelle’s musical and friendship connection as a led into Michelle sharing her experience and background.

Michelle gives us a rundown on her experience as a musician, a speaker and her work with No Girl Left Behind. The group talks about the life of being an entrepreneur and the resilience needed to get through all the No’s.

10 – 20 Minutes
Greg asks Michelle about what inspired her drive to create impact. Michelle tells us the story of her unique childhood and early life experiences with motivational speakers and living at an ashram.

Dave asks what fathers can be doing to empower their daughters. Michelle speaks to how many girls have expressed that they want to feel supported and heard and not judged. Michelle encourages fathers to be as present as they can and tell them they love them and support them no matter what.

The group discuss the importance of listening to your children and building trust with them.

The discussions shifts gears and talks about No Girl Left Behind upcoming tour.

20 – 30 Minutes
Michelle talks about the business operation side of setting up the tour and how they’ve set up sponsorship. The group discusses the opportunity for Dave and Greg to bring their daughters to come to one of the events.

Dave asks Michelle about her secret for keeping up her energy up as an entrepreneur. Michelle shares some steps she takes to energize herself for the day.

Michelle Delamor

Michelle Delamor

Recording Artist, Transformational Speaker, CEO & Founder of NO GIRL LEFT BEHIND

A born Activist and bubble of enthusiasm, Michelle’s quest to create a positive impact in the world began very early on. By age 11 she was traveling with motivational speakers who mentored her. At age 12 she moved to an Ashram where she dedicated her time to serving those in need.

After competing with 110,000 singers across the nation,

Michelle landed a spot as a finalist on American Idol. 

Michelle is set to release her debut EP which includes songs featured in the 2018 & 2019 editions of JUST DANCE, the best-selling dance video game of all time.

Michelle’s artistry is fueled by a desire to positively impact lives. She uses her voice not only for song but transformational speaking focusing on female empowerment as a keynote speaker on national and international stages. She is the founder of the social impact organization, No Girl Left Behind which is creating waves of empowerment for girls around the world.