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Downsizing With An Uplifting Approach

Davis and Mary Schryer Take The Stress Out of Moving From Your Life Long Home

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Downsizing your possessions after spending years in the same home can be a daunting task that brings so many emotions. What if you have to move across the country? Will all your furniture fit in your new home? How do you manage all this when it’s not something you do every day?

That’s the struggle that real estate mother-son team Mary and Davis Schryer saw happening to their demographic of clients. They came up with a solution with the services they offer to help guide their clients through the downsizing process.

Episode Breakdown

First 5 Minutes
The group talk about how the mother-son team of Mary & Davis connected to The Boiling Point from attending our live process event. Davis shares what he took from the event, and Mary talks about the discussion they had following the event.

5 – 10 Minutes
Mary and Davis share the separate side of their business, focusing on the process of helping clients downsizing their homes and lives.

10 – 15 Minutes
Jake highlights the synergy that happens between Mary’s background in public service and Davis’s background in project management. The group discusses the psychological side of the service they offer.

15 – 20 Minutes
Davis shares some of the services and different situations that they run into when providing those services. Mary shares some of the life situations that she sees that make their services necessary.

20 – 25 Minutes
Dave asks Mary and Davis about where they have focused their business and the potential for growth. They talk about all the services that connect to their business and the avatar they are trying to reach.

25 – 30 Minutes
Davis shares how people can get in touch and how they can get people started and help.

Mary Schryer

Mary Schryer

Mary Schryer is a community and provincial advocate for literacy and domestic violence. Mary has served her community and province for over 30 years as a Minister of the Province, local councillor and volunteer. Mary work ethic is second to none.

Davis Schryer

Davis Schryer

Davis is an energetic REALTOR with an MBA in project management who utilizes a strategy that combines the personal with the professional to reduce the stress and inconvenience of buying or selling your home to the greatest extent possible.

About Schryer Realty

Our family is in the business of helping families through the major life transition of buying or selling their home. Buying or selling a home is a big deal. It is a significant financial transaction, often with many emotions attached, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a pleasant experience!
Real estate, made simple. Our process informs you at each step, providing data, information and our knowledge to help guide your decisions. We work closely with our clients delivering timely service while building trusting relationships based on our intimate knowledge of what you want and need.

With this knowledge we protect your best interests, guide you to new opportunities and connect you to what you really want for your home and community.

Schryer Realty can help you with:
-Selling your house
-Selecting and Purchasing your new home
-Retirement home living
-Move Co-oridination & Downsizing Services