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Changing The Story of Fashion

Dhana Inc’s Circular Memory Jacket

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What happens when your favourite t-shirt becomes unwearable? Maybe it has a rip or stain, or your significant other has banned it from your clothing rotation. Do you throw it away? Do you keep it in a drawer taking up space? Have you ever thought about just how much waste we create from the clothing items we toss away? Our guest Shamini Dhana has, and she has a solution.

Shamini is the Founder and CEO of Dhana Inc. award-winning sustainable circular fashion brand redefining consumer’s connection to people and planet. Dhana Inc. is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for their new product, The Circular Memory Jacket. This jacket provides a new way of looking at fashion by not only reusing materials but allowing the customer to incorporate their memories into the product by sending in 10 clothing items used on the inside of the jacket. Listen in to learn more and make sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign ending November 6th, 2019.

Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes

We get introduced to Shamini Dhana and hear from her and Greg how the latest B Corp Champions retreat brought them together, but also got them excited for how far the B Corp community is growing. Shamini shares with us what she is doing in the fashion industry and how it’s shifting the way to look at fashion.

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
Shamini explains how the Circular Fashion Commitment 2020 came about and how that will impact the fashion industry. We learn about the Circular Memory Jacket.

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes
We learn from Shamini about how to get your own Circular Memory Jacket and what they are looking to accomplish.


Shamini Dhana

Shamini Dhana

Founder and CEO of Dhana Inc. Active cyclist and traveler. Advocate for the people and planet. Pioneer in innovative circular fashion for a restorative future.

Shamini Dhana brings to the fashion industry over 20 years of experience in international strategy, global operations, venture capital, business development, and executive leadership in corporate America. In travelling the world in her professional and personal life, her experiences led her to express her passion and purpose in “uniting humanity through fashion” by founding Dhana, Inc., in 2008.

As an entrepreneur, speaker, and parent, Shamini continues to give back to the global community through educating kids and students. Launching Dhana’s first social campaign, WearOurValues, Shamini has committed to empowering a broader audience to think deeper about the relationships we have with our clothes and create a movement around transparency, authenticity and accountability for the everyday consumer.

Today, Shamini lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and kids and continues to travel the world, spreading the Dhana spirit, empowering children to embrace our global cultures and Mother Nature through the clothes we wear.
In addition to her role as CEO of Dhana Inc., Shamini is a board member of Climate Ride, Ethical Fashion Forum and an associate producer of The True Cost movie.


Dhana Inc.

Dhana Inc., award-winning sustainable circular fashion brand for the youth redefining consumer’s connection to people and planet. The brand strives to stand for an enlightened humanity emphasizing our global connections, bringing awareness to the impact of our choices and offering an identity for kids and teens who truly care about a restorative future. Dhana is a Certified B Corporation, Fairtrade Certified Brand, and a Green America GOLD Certified Business.