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We Talk (Well, Listen) to Jordan Kyriakidis Speak About Quantum Physics and Technology

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  • Jordan explains to Dave and Greg what his company QRA Corp does, and how he applys his background in quantum physics to designing complex tech systems.
  • He shares how many companies create problems for themselves when building any advanced piece of technology in the early stages, and how these errors early on can cause unnecessary expenses that might hold a business back in the long run.
  • Jordan shares the incredible advancements in technology that the world is going through, including a computer writing an entire novel in Japan just recently.
Jordan Kyriakidis

Jordan Kyriakidis

CEO of QRA Corp

  • Jordan Kyriakidis is co-founder and CEO of QRA Corp, and an accomplished scientist with numerous publications.
  • He created the initial algorithms powering the QVtrace engine and has successively taken fundamental research out of the university laboratory and developed it into compelling and necessary engineering tools.
  • Jordan is most proud of the culture and team at QRA.
  • He has recruited some of the top technical and business talent in order to collectively execute the strategic vision.
  • QRA is now an emerging leader in design verification technology – tools for analyzing complex systems and requirements at their most crucial stages of development.

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