Caroline Duell and All Good Products

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In This Episode

  • We hear how Caroline went from being a rock-climbing instructor and massage therapist to a balm entrepreneur.
  • Caroline tells us where the name for All Good Products came from.
  • She tells us about her reluctance about entering the business world.
  • We learn about the importance for Caroline to stay authentic to her environmentalism and spreading goodness.
  • Caroline tells us how becoming a B Corp has helped to communicate her authenticity to her customers.
  • We also hear how she has been an evangelist of the B Corp movement.
  • Greg and Caroline continue to try and convert Dave’s Vision Coaching to a B Corp.
  • Dave sees Caroline as an amazing ambassador for the movement and wonders how many people are reluctant to enter the business world due to their values and a perceived conflict of interest.
  • Greg sees reluctance as normal because of the way capitalism has been abused in the past. He also sees B Corps as a great middle ground and a way to encourage businesses to do better and for environmentalists and social movement makers to get into business.
Caroline Duell

Caroline Duell

There is often reluctance to jump into business if you are passionate about the environment and social issues. Capitalism has been a tool for the greedy over the last few hundred years and at the expense of people and the planet. However, just because others have abused capitalism doesn’t mean that is the only way business gets done.

Caroline Duell is the entrepreneur behind All Good Products. Like many who are passionate about social issues and the environment, Caroline was also reluctant to jump into the business world. In the late 90’s, Caroline was living with her future husband on an organic farm in Northern California. As a massage therapist and a rock-climbing instructor, Caroline needed a product to her hands between jobs. She ended up developing a balm from some of the herbs on her farm. She gave away her balm to friends and her massage and rock-climbing customers. After moving to another part of California, Caroline had planned to move on to other things but the calls kept coming in and she reluctantly started All Good Products in 2006. Her reluctance was due to the idea that she might have to compromise her values, which is something she has never had to do (especially after becoming a B Corp in 2009).

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