Growing with your Sustainable Brand


Introducing Derek Sabori

It is quite the journey when you start answering the phones for free and eventually progress to a vice president of global sustainability.  That is the path that Derek Sabori took though.  Derek works with the massive lifestyle and clothing brand, Volcom and has been with the company since 1996.  He comes to the Boiling Point by way of a chance meeting with Greg Hemming at the Sustainable Brands conference they both attended in June.

Derek’s position has him managing all parts of Volcom’s business sustainability from fabric choice to land use, waste to compliance.   His message to young people entering the business world, it is okay to connect your inner values with your career.  Hear about Derek’s journey in this episode of the Boiling Point.


In this episode

  • Derek tells us how he went from being an art major to a vice president of a major company.
  • He tells us about how Volcom sees sustainability as a major part of their operation.
  • Derek explains how patience is a major part of making changes within a global brand.
  • We hear how Volcom builds a real community behind its brand.
  • Greg comments how it is possible to grow with a great company that has a great open culture.
  • Dave notes that as you grow older you don’t need to change the person you always were.



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