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Blair And Rosalyn Hyslop Are Socially Conscious “Couplepreneurs” Who Have A Unique Story To Tell

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  • (0:50) Roslin and Blair introduce one another in comedic ways. They discuss how they met, bonded, and what they both do for the local community.
  • (5:43) They tell of their “leap” into entrepreneurship when developing into an already established business and how they honored it and strive to grow the business for the better.
  • (9:55) The Hyslop’s explain why the two are so aligned in their business desires and in their personal and company values, especially in their case of being a married couple, or “Couplepreneurs”.
  • (14:28) Our two guests explain their definition of their style of social entrepreneurship, why they see themselves as such, and how they set out to make the kind of company that they themselves would want to work for.
  • (21:36) Roslin explains where her message of “Using your superpowers for good” comes from, why she and Blair believe in it, and how they incorporate it into their kids and into their employees.
  • (26:01) The Two explain how many social entrepreneurs will allow the amazing things they’re doing fly under the radar because of their humble nature. They believe talking about what they do is their obligation as social entrepreneurs because not talking would be discouraging young people to strive for social impact.
Blair and Rosalyn Hyslop

Blair and Rosalyn Hyslop

Owners of Mrs. Dunsters

  • Rosalyn McFate-Hyslop is working on writing a series of books, and is one of the founders of the ‘Good Fit Book’ Charity, while Blair Hyslop is the Co-Owner of Kredl’s Corner Market, and is on the Board of The United Way
  • They are both winners of Huddle’s New Brunswick Businesspeople of the Year for 2017 thanks to their massive growth after buying Mrs. Dunsters.
  • The married couple had been in talks of owning their own business since their first date and since their relationship grew stronger, their separate goals of being entrepreneurs grew closer together until the dream grew into business together.
  • They quickly grew to the largest family-owned bakery in Atlantic Canada when they began purchasing other family-run companies that matched their values and added their products to the Mrs. Dunsters growing branch of baked goods.

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