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The 4 Step Boiling Point Process: How To Be Heard In A Noisy Marketplace

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It’s been an incredible 4 years with 250+ guests that have brought Greg and Dave to this point. In this episode, they take some time to recap the December 2018 The Boiling Point Process event, a live all-day training session that was the first delivery of their new 4 step process of how to be heard in a noisy marketplace. Greg and Dave both discuss the journey that they took to reach this point and the goal they set for themselves of offering these live and online courses to share the knowledge they’ve gained over the years.

Greg Hemmings

Greg Hemmings

Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, Content Marketer and Storyteller

Greg’s passion for documentary filmmaking  has taken him to all corners of the globe. He has told compelling stories in the arctic, the Americas, Europe and Asia. He owns a media production company called Hemmings House, which has produced and sold television shows to more than 65 countries around the globe. Greg is also a dad, a husband, a musician, a snowboarder and surfs the big waves of the Bay of Fundy.

Dave Veale

Dave Veale

Passionate Executive Coach

When you meet Dave for the first time you will be drawn into his enthusiasm for helping people from all walks of life.  He began his career as a counsellor helping young offenders and youth with special needs. An entrepreneur to the core, Dave co-founded Vision Coaching in 2005. He thrives on challenging people to be bold, to take risks and to realize their biggest dreams.  He currently also has a column in the Saint John’s Telegraph Journal titled, Leadership Unleashed.

To find out more about the 4 Step Process, Greg and Dave would like to invite you to join a FREE webinar happening Tuesday, May 21st at 4 PM. Sign up now!

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