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 Jake Palmer just celebrated his 10th anniversary in Real Estate, with Re/Max! Jake has been a long time friend of our businesses and the Boiling Point Podcast. In this week’s episode, Jake shares how he changed his approach to his business since attending the Boiling Point Process live event in December 2018.

We are so fortunate to have friends and partners like Jake support us in the launch of our new Boiling Point Process training offering, How to Be Heard In A Noisy Market. Listen in as we discuss the takeaway Jake had from learning about our 4 Step Process.

Episode Highlights

First 5 Minutes
The guys introduce Jake Palmer, a long time friend of the podcast and jump right into talking about the 4 Step Process of How to Be Heard in A Noisy Market.

5 – 10 Minutes
Greg asks Jake about his experience attending and sponsoring The Boiling Point Process Live event and what he took away from it. Jake shares how he was skeptical of having an Avatar at first but explained how he found value in it.

10 – 15 Minutes
The groups discuss how they are each subject matter experts in their respective fields and how they continue to grow their knowledge.

15 – 20 Minutes
The group discusses how they use different platforms to amplify their voices to be seen as thought leaders.

20 – 25 Minutes
The group talks about building and connecting with different communities to get the message out to the right people.

25 – 30 Minutes
The group discuss how all these pieces have come together in different business success stories.

Jake Palmer

Jake Palmer

Re/Max Professional

Just celebrated his 10th Anniversary in Real Estate, with Re/Max

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