Strengthening Leadership Voices Through The Vox Method

In This Episode

Does the idea of public speaking leave you feeling like you’d rather run in the opposite direction? Do you have to become a “Corporate” version of yourself to feel comfortable delivering a presentation? There’s leadership power that can come from sharing your knowledge in an authentic, unique to you delivery style. Our guests Elissa Bernstein and Steven Lecky work with clients to help find and improve their confidence, individuality, and voice that can only be theirs.  

Episode Breakdown

First 10 Minutes
We met our guests for our conversation Elissa Bernstein and Steven Lecky of Vox Method. We learn about what they do as a business in helping people learn to improve their speaking abilities. We learn how Steven and Elissa are working to tailor people’s experiences to help them find their unique and authentic voices.

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
The group talks about defining your unique voice and why it gives you a unique advantage. Dave shares how he’s excited about his session with Elissa and Steve. He also shares how he tended to shift towards “Corporate Dave” in the past. Finally, the group discusses a lack of focus on the importance of speaking when it comes to leadership.

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes
The group talks about genuine authenticity versus play-acting being empathic, which can cause another set of issues. Steve talks about we are all just getting by because no one is pushing us to do better. The group talks about people’s stress and anxiety when public speaking or trying to improve their speaking abilities.

30 Minutes – 40 Minutes
Elissa explains EFT “Emotional freedom techniques” that can help deal with anxiety regarding public speaking. She also mentions “The Work” by Bryon Katie, another resource that can help deal with your fight or flight response. She also says CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) but mentions how the other methods are a little faster and can be done on your own. The group talks about the different types of work they do with people of all speaking abilities and backgrounds.

Elissa Bernstein

Elissa Bernstein

Partner, Master trainer (acting, singing, speaking, musical theatre)

Elissa has been training speakers, actors and singers for 20 years. She teaches dance at Dawson College’s Professional Theatre Program. She trains performers in her private studio and around the world by Skype. For the past 21 years, Elissa has brought her popular Broadway course to CAMMAC.

She has been performing as a singer and actor for the past 30 years.

Elissa is a trained lawyer, has a DEC in health science and is a classically trained singer, actor and dancer. Her unique background and fascination with problem-solving brings great richness to her work.

For over a decade, Elissa was a North American syndicated legal columnist.

Elissa has helped speakers around the world write concise, vibrant speeches and then trained them to deliver passionate and compelling presentations – whether in the boardroom, on the campaign trail, or on a TEDx stage.

Qualifications and Credentials

Member of the Quebec Bar since 1985

McGill University, BCL (Honours)

Vanier College, DEC, Health Science (Gold Medalist)

Member of ACTRA (The Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists)

Steven Lecky

Steven Lecky

Creator, Master director and trainer (acting, voice, speaking)

One of Canada’s foremost voice and speech trainers, Steven has been active as an educator, director and coach for over 30 years. He is a highly sought-after training consultant to professional voice users.

Steven is best known for developing the Vox Method, a ground-breaking training approach for speakers, singers and actors that promotes an organic, repeatable and high-level integration of voice, movement, gesture and emotion in the speaking process.

Qualifications and Credentials
Author of two books and two training DVDs:

  • Vox Method: The Acting Process
  • Vox Method: Training The Voice

Licentiate Diploma in voice performance, Bachelor’s Degree in piano performance, and Master’s Degree in voice performance from McGill University;
Member of ACTRA (The Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists)