Social Espionage: Dorothéa Bozicolona-Volpe Gives Us A Crash Course In Listening, Community and Personal Branding

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Social Media and the online world has become common place to our every day lives. What you share, how you interact and the connections you make define not just your business, but how others see you on a personal level. Our guest this week, Dorothea Bozicolona-Volpe, talks to us about her journey in the world of social media and marketing, from the early life lessons she learned from her grandfather to the experience she gained working with government agencies like MI5, the FBI and CIA, she shares her thoughts and advice on personal branding and marketing in the new digital world we exist in.

Episode Highlights

4:35 – Greg talks about Dorothea’s background working with government agencies like MI5, FBI, CIA and her view on how social media has changed over

7:14 – Greg and Dorothea talk about how we are narrating our lives online.

7:30 – Dave asks about personal branding being a part of Dorothea’s business and reflects on his own use of personal branding.

8:39 – Dorothea talks about the impact of what you put out online and how it all impacts your professional lives even if you think it’s just through your personal channels.

9:42 – Dorothea speaks specifically to entrepreneurs and how their personal branding and what they post online can impact the connections they can make.

10:41 – Greg talks about how he makes time every week to make content for his personal channels.

11:06 – Dave highlights how what

11:16 – Dave asks what a tip might be to be more intentional with their personal branding.

11:38 – Dorothea highlights that Greg is doing something unique on Instagram in using it as a blog platform and sharing parts of his personal life that helps to give another

12:19 – Dorothea tells Dave a story of advice she learned from her grandfather as a child to highlight the importance of listening and how they can impact how you interact with people online.

14:24 – Dorothea highlights how important showing gratitude can be.

14:40 – Dorothea talks about the importance of knowing where your audience is coming from to know what the right content is for them and you listen to their feedback.

15:19 – Greg speaks to brands like Patagonia that he admires and what he likes within the type of strategy they do. He asks Dorothea about using the strategy of amplifying other stories and not just your own.

16:17 – Dorothea agrees that highlighting other stories can help to build a brand by sharing other stories do. Dorothea mentions Tom and Ariana Sylvester ( and the work they do with couples who are looking to work together.

17:31 – Another example she mentions is Mark Schaefer and his book Marketing Rebellion as a way of highlight that he shows company examples who listen to their customers and stayed authenticate to their brands.

19:25 – Dorothea breaks down the impact the choice that Nike made by choosing to support and amplify Colin Kaepernick’s movement.

21:14 – Dave gives his thoughts on how proactive the choice was that Nike made and how it speaks to the strategy behind social media choices and asks Dorothea about her choice in her business name and services.

21:42 – Dorothea explains her choice in using Social Espionage for her business.

22:48 – Dorothea uses examples from the Super Bowl to highlight the type of work that Social Espionage would help companies with in their strategy choices.

25:50 – Dave and Dorothea talk about interacting with people online and thinking about it as the world’s largest cocktail party and we should all listen and learn more about people online the same way we would in real life.

27:55 – Dorothea speaks about the platforms she uses and what makes her choose not to engage in

30:15 – Greg asks what Dorotheas favourite sideboard park is in the world. Dorothea shares her favourite place to skate in different spots in the world and how she never backs down from a bet to skate.

Dorothea Bozicolona-Volpe

Dorothea Bozicolona-Volpe

Dorothéa (DOOR-AHH-TAAY-YEAH) Bozicolona (BOW-ZEE-COLONA) –Volpe (VOOLPAY) was born in New York City to French and Italian parents. Her Father’s passing caused her family to move to Europe where she became somewhat of a nomad. She has lived in Italy, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

After a successful career in Law Enforcement strategy working for a company who had clients that included the FBI, CIA, KGB and the Mi5, Dorothéa Bozicolona-Volpe used the skills she learned to become a marketing and business strategist.

Dorothea speaks at marketing, technology and entrepreneurship conferences and joins us today after recently participating in NPR’s first ever HOW I BUILT SUMMIT in San Francisco and ALL THINGS OPEN in Raleigh, NC.  Additionally, Dorothéa has appeared as a social media strategy subject matter expert on CBS and CNN.

There are several areas of her business (Strategy, Social, Influencer, Loyalty, Community Building, Personal Branding and Marketing Technology).

Some of her clients include: Emirates Airlines, AlphaBoost, Cisco, Ceridian, Keller Williams, Capital One, Goldman Sachs, L’Oreal, American Music Awards, Oprah Winfrey Network, Clarins, Randstad, BCD Group, Ryan Seacrest, Ryan Seacrest Productions, Chrysler, The Weather Channel (IBM), Tumblr, AT&T,American, Reader’s Digest, Qualcomm, Turner Network Television, Coca-Cola and Powerade.

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